Camille Fox

Second part of Camille Fox´s interview from Sydney Australia, with Sami Douek for JDE Brasil.
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It was early Sunday morning that I met Camille on the phone. Across the hemisphere, the meeting was filled with elegance and good humor. We are in July 2021 in the health crisis where each one in each country faces in their own way, sometimes dramatically or adapting or inventing themselves as if it were wartime. She told me “we are under arrest” in an imperative tone; an expression that is not correctly translated as “we are trapped” (nous sommes en état d'arrestation) which immediately inspired me by Camille's good-humored side.

Is art universal? I don't think so, but perception is too human and sensory where looks, colors, aromas, spices and loves are imperative.

The writing at this point evokes my appreciation and my enthusiasm for encountering Cammille Fox's colorful and illuminated art.

Watch and enjoy the testimonies and stories told with particularly precise and unmistakable gestures and humor forever.

Sami Douek

July 31, 2021

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