Seventy Years

1952 - 2022


1952 - 2022

Jews of Egypt in the memory of their children and grandchildren

1952 Egyptian Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser leads a military coup overthrowing the monarchy. From this year onwards, several social and political episodes provoked the forced exile of a Jewish community residing in the country for several generations. The SEVENTY YEARS Project provides for the rescue of this memory of exile. Please watch the video trailer below and share with your relatives and friends. Thank you.

Sami Douek on September 27th. 2021

"How did I learn all this? Going back in time. A few days after June 5th 1967, when the police came to pick up my brother, I started to put

questions to my father, endless questions. I wanted to understand what I felt, what happened".

Dr. Rami Mangoubi on September 18th 2021

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