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Egyptian Scenes by Camille Fox

Michael Haag on the paintings of Camille Fox

We are starting with our very first publication for the notorious egyptian jewish artists and a tribute to Camille Fox as well as the endorsement of the late Michael Haag

"Camille’s paintings are like scenes from a dream memory, the magic and smiling time of cosmopolitan Egypt early in the last century. She brings to life the charm and innocence of another age. A sense of ease and playfulness pervade her scenes. Like gardens bursting with flowers on the desert’s edge, her people effervesce. The women are vivacious, everyone is happy, the seasons are always summertime or spring. Her paintings are evocative and haunting; with vividness and humour they capture that most delicate of imaginings, the vanished past."


Michael Haag sadly passed away in 2019. He was a writer and historian, who has written for major newspapers and magazines in Britain and America. He is the author of Alexandria – City of Memory, and Vintage Alexandria: Photographs of the City 1860 – 1960, amongst other publications.

Source: Camille Fox, Art Paintings, Oil Paintings on her official website.

The elegance of Camille Fox's particular traits is already registered and immediately appreciated. She portrays an atmosphere revitalized by her imaginary gaze in rescuing scenes from the past with incredible sweetness!

I can live today part of my past through the soft and warm look of art of Camille Fox.

Sami Douek on may 31st.

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